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Dear Visitor

Our online registration form for visiting IDEF'23 16th International Defence Industry Fair has been closed. Defence industry professionals can register and visit the fair by declaring their Passport and business card, corporate ID card at the fair area.

Who can visit?

* Senior Officials and Personnel of Turkish Ministry of Interior
* Senior Officials and Personnel of Turkish Ministry of National Defence
* High Level Civil and Military Authorities
* Senior Officials and Personnel of Land, Navy and Air Forces
* Senior Officials and Personnel of Gendarmerie, Turkish National Police and Coast Guard
* Special Forces and Anti-Terror Specialists
* Security Surveillance Specialists and Professionals
* Military Security and Intelligence Institutions Personnel

* Corporate Employee Working For Defence Industry Companies
* Civil Defence Specialists
* Defence and Security Industry Executives and Consultants
* Defence Industry R&D Specialists

* Defence&Security Related Foundations, Associations and Clusters Personnel

* National and International Defence Journalists

** Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to visit the fair.